National Robotics Olympiad 2014


The National Robotics Olympiad was formerly known as the Robotics Challenge (2011 to 2013). The National Robotics Olympiad is a competition that aims at widening young peoples' views about the application of Science and Technology. It brings young people together to develop their problem solving skills and creativity through challenging and educational robotics competitions.


Students participating in olympiad


This  National Robotics Olympiad is being held in Malta in May 2014. The objectives of this initiative are in line with those of the World Robots Olympiad. The preparation of this competition mainly focus on providing students (up to the age of 19) with an opportunity to expand their scientific horizons through exploration of robots and robotic systems in the school. It aims at introducing the concept of modern science in the school's science and technology educational activities. It also strengthens the ability to acquire new knowledge which is highly relevant towards progressive education. This competition improves the students' learning efficiency & encourages our youths to be future scientists, engineers and inventors.


The National Robotics Olympiad provides an opportunity to promote the students' creative thinking, improve communication and cooperation skills as they build their own robot and then compete versus other teams to win the competition. The controller, motors and sensors utilised to assemble the robots that will be used in this competition must be from the LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ sets and the HITechnic Colour Sensor already available in almost all schools. Other LEGO branded elements may be used to construct the remaining parts of the robot.


The Tasks, Rules and Regulations were presented during an information session held on the 13th January 2014. Registration of participants will be allowed between the time period of 13th January and 9th February 2014. Teams will be allowed to practice with their robots from February till May 2014. Workshops will also be organised as a refresher for interested teachers.


Who is entitled to take part in this competition?

This is a team-based challenge were the team has to consist of an adult coach and two or three team members.  There are three categories:

Category 1: Elementary School Age: Participants have to be older than 7 but younger than 13 years of age in May 2014.

Category 2: Junior High School Age: Participants have to be younger than 16  but have turned 13 by May 2014.

Category 3: High School Age: Participants have to be younger than 20 but have turned 16 by May 2014.


This competition is being organised by MCST in collaboration with the Department of eLearning, DQSE. Other institutes supporting this activity are the Faculties of ICT, Engineering and Education from UOM, MASE, IMS and Institute of ICT from MCAST.


Come on teachers – encourage your students to participate and join them in this team-based challenge! We know there are some very bright minds out there! Let's put Malta on the map when it comes to School Robotics!!!


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